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Bearpaw Season - Spring 2021

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Spring is here, time for new updates. Itís been a crazy busy year thus far, we are remodeling our place in Idaho so that we have nicer accommodations. Doing all of the work ourselves so thatís the reason I havenít been online much. The house had a flat roof and was built in 1936, we tore off the old front entry, built a larger front entry, added a pitch roof, and we are remodeling the upstairrs. (I had already remodeled the downstairs a few years ago). Itís been interesting working between hunts and between snow and rain storms.

More roof construction and exterior work...

Got the birds blocked out for the summer, also well along on the interior work, old kitchen removed and replaced, old crumbling chimney gone, new open floor plan in progress...

Took a break from interior remodeling and give the barn a remodel, it was/is a challenge to make an old leaning Barn square again! Is turkey season ever coming?

Finally the youth turkey hunt, wow, some fun times! First day 6 birds down, all the kids filled their tags!


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