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Bearpaw Season - Spring 2021

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Awesome start to the spring!!!


--- Quote from: Machias on April 20, 2021, 11:17:15 AM ---Awesome start to the spring!!!

--- End quote ---

Yeah we got a good start on the birds, still no bear sign though, we've got a lot of our baits out in Idaho already and none are getting any bear yet. This warm weather should get them out soon though?

Too funny, the hunters are over at another property hunting and these Tomís are in front of their cabin parading around their truck!

Guide Ray with a dandy Merriamís that his hunter nailed first thing this morning! Bird called into 52 yards and wouldnít come any closer so Brian put the hammer down and put this pretty bird down!

Courtney got the largest diameter spurs I think Iíve ever seen, these spurs are almost as big around as your finger!


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