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Bearpaw Season - Spring 2021

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Another lever gun!  Really nice besr


--- Quote from: bearpaw on June 14, 2021, 03:36:04 PM ---John from Tennessee pulled off a great stalk this morning on this off color boar with guide Grant. Nice job guys!

--- End quote ---

Man you guys are hammering them this year!! Good job! Love the color on this bear. Super cool face

What could be better than getting a color phase bear on the first morning of your hunt?

How about getting two color phase bear on the first morning of your hunt! Father and son Joe and Brad from Washington did that this morning, congratulations to both of them!

Awesome, what a great spring season!!!


--- Quote from: Machias on June 21, 2021, 08:37:14 AM ---Awesome, what a great spring season!!!

--- End quote ---

Thanks Fred, our last hunter nailed an old sow last night so we are pretty much finished for the spring season, it was our best spring season ever for turkey and one of our best for bear. Now have to finish a few ongoing building projects and start prepping for the fall hunts, I'm looking forward to what will be a busy fall season.


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