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WDFW takes SHEDS from mud flow


WDFW enforcement officers have taken sheds from the mud flow in a attempt to stop shed hunters from taking them.While talking with the officer he told me they would put them back but not for a week or two after MAY 1 st when the shed hunting opens on the mud flow.He said it was because of hunters taking them before May 1 st and harrassement to the Elk.My Comments to him are why waist time protecting antlers when your driving on the mud flow they are driving tractors and fertizing down there and flying drones and spooking the elk as well.LOOKING FOR SHEDS ON THE FLOW WILL BE A TIME SUCK.Letting members know so your not dissapointed.

So elk don't run from WDFW picking up sheds, but do run from regular dudes?

I'm sure if there was any big antlers they'll get put back! lol  wouldn't it just be better and less intrusive to the elk to have more patrolling from the road?


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