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Help...New Chessie puppy, aggressive eater

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Hey all so I have a 3 month old male Chessie puppy. Amazing dog super friendly only play nibbles with adults, not to the little kids. Listens fairly well, and is clearly a fast learning dog.

His only fault is he gets skittish with food. We have other dogs and feed them first and wait until they are done and feed the pup in his 8x8 pen. He growled and bit me once and after a tug of the ear and a firm correction he now respects me around good time. Now mind you I talk gently before feeding and slowly bring him a bowl and pet him. Once he sees the food he attacks the food and eats really fast. Now I can get him to sit and wait for the food and begin eating when i say, however his tail is low and he shakes.

When my wife feeds him he growls and will nip if she goes for an ear or the skin between hind leg and body. Again she calmly talks to him and can hand feed him, can put her hand in his bowl without issue. If she touches his back or neck once food is down he gets aggressive.

Strangely the kids are safe so far around the pup and I hover closely testing the waters with my older kids 7 and 10 when they feel brave enough. My main issue is that we have a 8 month old crawler/almost walker that I want to know is safe around new pup. I’ve contacted breeder to get an answer of “get and all day feeder” and “ puppy class”... not super insightful.

So I turn to huntwa, I’m sure just about everyone here has a dog. I’ve never had an aggressive eater and online results show little fairy princess ideas. This is a Chessie and I would love for him to recognize we are his family and you don’t bite the hand that feeds.

This is something you will have to work with if you want to have people around him while he is eating. Chessies are temperamental and need LOTS of socialization. I have had many and still have 2. My male is also a glutton when he eats and you can see he doesn't like being touched but he will tolerate it. Maybe just work on petting him when he eats if you must. Or leave him alone and just let him eat after a short petting session.


I'd try sitting on the floor with him and giving him a few pieces at a time. Pick up a few with your hand, place it on the floor in front of him as long as he isn't aggressive with each offering. If he shows aggression don't put it on the floor and try again. Maybe after some time he'll know and respect food comes from you on your terms. Haven't had to deal with it myself, but is what I'd try.

I have a 2 year old male and he has required lots of firm but fair training, but not with food aggression. If you have a Facebook (I most of the time wish I didn't), there is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever page that I am a member of and there are owners from all over the world that are active on the page. I would post your questions on there and I'd be willing to bet there are some people that have had success with breaking the issue.

Good Luck!

besides the aggression issue, a slow feed bowl might help calm down the actual eating process


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