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Lightening-fast closes lately. Adverts on HuntWA are definitely worth it


My mortgage loan business has been going gangbusters, thanks not only to HuntWA members but their referrals and my Facebook friends! I'm now doing 1-2 closes per week and that's something I didn't expect for the first year. My last four borrowers received their clear to close (final approval) in 8, 5, 5, and 10 days from submission.

If you know me, you know how I am in business - honesty, integrity and hard work. Any of my friends who need loans in WA or OR, please give me an opportunity to show you how I can help you with competitive rates and lightening-fast closes. Please message me! NMLS 2014743. If my borrowers want to chime in as to their experience with me, I'd love to see that. :tup:

We had a great experience and everything was as promised. We Pulled some equity out of our home  to buy a cabin and reduced our interest rate by 1.75% compared to what we were at before. Great communication and quick turn around. Now we have to wait till the end of July for the sale of the cabin to close.

John is definitely a top notch guy. He had my refi done in around 10 working days. And part of that was time waiting for my company to verify employment.  I then sent him 2 more clients that he took care of in a speedy manner. 

Thanks again for everything John.

Thanks to both of you for helping make my business a success.


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