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Re-Fi: Plan Now for Remodeling When the Building Costs Come Down

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The market on building materials has leveled off and is starting to come down. Suppliers have been hoarding supplies to artificially inflate the market and it's starting to bite them in the butt, so they're unloading. If you have equity in your home that is just sitting there, rates are only up about 1/4-1/2% from 6 months ago, but may be rising in the very near future. If you have a current interest rate of 3.5% or more, you could borrow now at a lower rate and prepare for that project, or even a down payment for that cabin on the edge of the NF.

I can help and will do everything I can to get you a lower rate and keep the closing costs down. I have more than a dozen lenders and compare their rates to choose the best option for your situation. Some are quicker on close, some not as quick but have lower rates. I'll find out what's more important to you and tailor it so you get what you want. Give me a call or send me a PM and I can do an estimate for you in about 15 minutes. 360-771-1914. NMLS 2014743.

I just read that lumber futures dropped 42% in June, it will take a little while for current supplies to sell, but there is relief coming from these crazy prices. Like you said good time to start planning.

I'm waiting until Fall to rebuild my fence. Lumber prices will come down and hopefully, very soon.  :tup:

My son is starting a new log home this summer, he was really glad to hear that lumber futures are dropping, that should happen for other materials as well.

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