Author Topic: Johnny gate key - thoughts/suggestions  (Read 766 times)

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Johnny gate key - thoughts/suggestions
« on: August 01, 2021, 07:31:00 PM »
I hate to assume the worst, but I ran into a guy driving being a gate closed to motor vehicle access this morning (opening day of bear season) while I was pedaling my way up to a bear hunting area. I have put some time in scouting this area and have taken a bear there in the past. This is mixed ownership (private/DNR), gated and clearly signed no unauthorized motor vehicles.

I tried to get the guy to stop for a conversation and it was clear he wasn't going to slow down. So, I said 'how'd you get in here?' and he sped up to get back down to the gate. Definitively gave me the impression he was doing something he shouldn't be, but I suppose there could be legit reasons for him being there?

I got the vehicle license plate and a good description of the truck. My initial thoughts were to call it in to DFW or DNR enforcement. But, over the course of the day, I started getting a bit softer on the idea and have this feeling that nothing would come from it anyway.

It sucks to work so hard to access an area and have the sneaking suspicion that some lazy slob road hunter can cheat and beat me to the punch.

Interested to hear your thought on how you would handle this scenario?

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Re: Johnny gate key - thoughts/suggestions
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2021, 07:42:03 PM »
I also now walk up a gated road, and sometimes get passed by vehicles.

In my case, I used to get a key from one of the landowners back there, so I'd be the one passing people that were walking/pedaling.

I never much appreciated the dirty/suspicious looks, and my look back probably made me look guilty.

I guess the point is:    When there;s mixed ownership, various people can legally drive the road.

I wish I could still drive my old spot, but I can't begrudge those who can still drive it, and I can't tell who is legal or not.    It's easier just not to assume someone's guilt.

Hope this helps.

And hope you get your bear.
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Re: Johnny gate key - thoughts/suggestions
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2021, 07:11:13 AM »
I agree, there is certainly a chance this guy somehow had permission to be in this closed area. His response to my attempt to engage him in conversation - no dirty looks - were suspicious however.


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