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Montana Shed Hunting!?!

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Colby Otto:
My dad and I are goin to be making some trips to western Montana to shed hunt and dont know Montana very well. Does anyone have any pointers to were to go or were you see many elk? I dont mean for you to telling me any of your secrete spots but if your willing to help thanks! :tup:

My nephew makes a TON of money each year shed hunting. He's a college student in NE Montana. He (shed) hunts everywhere. State land, private ranches he obtains permission on, and BMA land. My two cents, look at Block Management. Montana really has their stuff together on that. According to this article, in 2019, MT opened up 7.1 million acres of private land as accessible land for sportsmen. When you start finding sheds, pay attention to the elevation you find them at. Then focus within a couple hundred vertical feet of that.


Colby Otto:
Thank you! :tup:

Canít help much for the west. I did find a few hunting the east this year. No elk sheds though

Colby Otto:
Nice Buck in the back! Is there any white tail over south there?


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