Author Topic: New to turkey hunting  (Read 265 times)

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New to turkey hunting
« on: December 06, 2021, 08:10:54 PM »
Looking to go turkey hunting this spring. Been looking around and doing research. You guys got any input on turkey hunting in this state.? Looking around the Spokane area. Calls, ammo, hunting methods whatever ya got send it my way


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Re: New to turkey hunting
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2021, 10:06:23 PM »
My first suggestion will be to get a pot call and/or a box call and start watching YouTube videos on how to use them.  Start practicing now and you will be ready for April.  You can invest in mouth calls and start practicing but those take some time to become something you will use in the woods, imo.

Ammo:  I would suggest you get some TSS and pattern your shotgun with it.  TSS isn't necessary but it really does a great job of killing turkeys and at longer ranges than other ammo.  Know your effective killing distance when you pattern and stay within it.

Hunting methods: In the spring, most folks are going to want to hear turkeys gobble.  Start on a high ridge where you can hear a long way just before daylight.  Listen for gobbling, mark the birds locations as best you can, I use OnX.  That will give you areas that birds are in.  Pick a bird to hunt and start heading that way. If you can get within 200 yards of the gobbler before he flies down, as a beginner, I will say setup, with good back cover at your back, and softly call to him.  If he answers, he knows you are there, I'd shut up until he flies down.  Once he flies down, he may or may not be with hens and he may or may not come toward you thinking you are a hen.  I will suggest to call sparingly but enough to try and keep tabs on the bird if he is happy to gobble at you.  If he doesn't come, you may have to go silent and wait.... sometimes that is all it takes for them to come investigate, thinking the hen is there but moved off.  The most important thing is not to move as turkeys can spot movement and will be gone before you know it.  From here, you will learn things on your own as to when to call, when to shut up, how to call, etc.  There is no one playbook, lots of things work, and lots of things don't.

You can learn a ton about turkey hunting by watching The Hunting Public and The Pinhoti Project on YouTube.

Hopefully that will give you a starting point.  Best of luck to you! 

P.S.  It is addicting.... so just prepare yourself now!  :chuckle:


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