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Trail Cam Pics 2022

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No pics yet for 2022.
It's a process ,and with gas prices.
I'll let them soak and pray 🙏 there still working.
I do have some new spots,and some recycled old spots I need to get too.

Colby Otto:
Cool coyote! I still have 2 bulls packing, only a spike and a 3x2 as of two days ago

I'm still in a process of getting 2022 cams setup.
Got a few up now,few more to go.
I don't like putting them up till about now.
Battery last longer when freezing weather is gone.
Right about now ,can start seeing nub bucks.

Saw where a deer had been killed in the back pasture and drug off. Followed the trail to the carcass and hung up a camera.



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