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Blacktail double throat patch

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Old Man8383:
Of the many 1,000's of blacktail I've observed over the years in Western Washington double throat patches are more common in some areas than others, so I've always thought it was a localized genetics.  It doesn't seem to be more prevalent on the coast that the Cascades.  I have seen very few does with a double throat patch.  Older bucks seem to have more distinct double throat patches than younger bucks.  But I've seen very bright well defined double patches on spikes as well.  I agree that a large mature blacktail buck with a black skull cap and a bright well defined double throat patch is a very beautiful animal.

I get to see a lot of blacktails through the door and itís always fun to see how unique and different in coloration and other specific characteristics. I will be the first to admit I am no biologist but from my take on double throats itís truly a genetic thing. Iíve seen spikes with a prominent double throat and then an older buck with none. Furthermore I see a fair amount of double throats in real faint or bold outlines varying from white to an off white/yellowish hue. And this is true for both bucks and does in the columbian blacktail. Every sitka blacktail Iíve ever done has a real prominent and bold double.
I can tell you I do see them come from everywhere but Iíve seen a lot more blacktails with the doubles come out of Pacific county. Thereís a good genetic base of doubles in Capital Peak area too where I see a lot of those bucks also sporting very prominent brows, which is another genetic blacktail trait.
Fun conversation and cool to see the input on this subject. No matter your belief, ideas, or experience I think itís a collective agreement that the doubles are awesome!!


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