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Info on Tacoma Sportsmen Girls Archery Team


I'm posting this for my niece as her and her dad don't have an account on here. My niece Natalie (13) got into archery but kind of lost interest in it because kids were either older then her or way younger then her. A couple weeks ago at the Puyallup Sports show we stopped by the Tacoma Sportsmen booth and there was a girls archery team (about 4 girls) there. We talked to the girls and found out that they were all 13 and 14 year old's (her age), they met on Wednesday evenings , and they needed one more girl for there team. My niece wanted to join the team so we got info and points of contacts. Fast forward, my niece and her dad went down to Tacoma Sportsmen and no ones knows anything about the girls archery team that we met at the show. They also can't get ahold of the contacts that they got from the show. Does anyone here know anything about a girls archery team?

I'll look into it ASAP. Heck I'll go out for breakfast and do some digging.


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