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Just wanted to give a shout out to the group of youngsters (and a couple of adults) who finished hunters education today to become the next generation of hunters. I know a couple of other members kids and grandkids were in this group as well. Pretty proud dad moment and I think most of the parents were more nervous than the kids. The sport will die with us if we don't keep passing it on, so make sure to keep taking the next generation to the field to enjoy hunting and fishing.

Jake Dogfish:
Thatís great!  :tup:

Excellent!  Congrats to the graduates.

Congrats!  Great to see.

At risk of sounding like a boomer :P we all did Hunter's Ed in 7th grade where I grew up and even got 5 days of excused absences during hunting season.  Putting Hunter's Ed in school would be a great way of keeping the future generations outdoors.

Yes Awesome to see. Thatís our future right there. We took it at school when I was a kid but I think it was on Saturday and was an extra thing you had to sign up for. Have a friend who grew up in north eastern Montana and he said it was a requirement to take in the fifth grade. I definitely think kids that donít already grow up around it would be better off these days if they had to take a hunter safety course and possibly an animal husbandry/butchering course so they actually know how to safely put food on the table or at very least know where it comes from and how it gets to their table.


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