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Shed dog training?

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idaho guy:

--- Quote from: the mule on April 23, 2022, 05:35:03 PM ---i have a good one, she drags them out of the brush and brings them to me, i also have a male that picks them up and drops them so you have to keep an eye on him ive only been shed hunting for 3 years, how I got her to retrive them was when i found one i would wait until she found it then tell her to fetch it up, when she brought it to me i would give her a treat like bacon or salami, now she lives for shed hunting, hopefully the Male will follow her lead, the reason I got him was some of the bigger elk sheds were difficult for her to get out so I got a bigger Male hoping that would solve the problem, now im terrified that I might lose her in the woods or a Cougar might get one of them. i found allot of Cougar kills in Hancock this year.

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