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Huntnnw trail cam pics 2022

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The only pic I got of this buck. Iíve had a camera here for 2 summers. First time I left it all winter. Itís peaked my interest . Iím going to invest some time into finding his home this summer and see what he turns into this year he looks to have promise as a buck Iíd target this fall. Be a lot of work for this one as itís uphill 3-5 miles to look for him.

2nd picture I hunted that buck 2 years ago and was never seen again after sept 9th. He looks very similar to the buck on cam this past November.Nobody was hunting him in September as there is only 1 way in. Ran cams over 5 miles that fall and found every buck I had on camera but him. I think a cat got him as I had one on cam several times and ran into it.

Damn, heís a smoker! Nice collection so far. Looking forward to seeing YOUR pics throughout the year.

SWEET, lets keep em coming   :tup:

Nice pics for $35 camera's, looking forward to seeing more of huntnnw pics.  Hopefully everyone can respect your thread.  :tup:

Heck Ya!!!!
That buck is a toad giant man.
Like his eye guards best.
Keep the pics coming.


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