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2022 Turkeys! Share your harvest.

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 2022 turkey thread for all to post their harvest. I noticed no one started it, so I'll try to get the ball rolling. Good luck everyone.

21st bird harvested in my lifetime and my smallest ever. I harvested this jake at 1pm. He came in with 2 other jakes. I shot him at 25 yards with my Mossberg 500 turkey 12 guage. The birds were fired up today, I must have heard over 100 gobbles. Time to fill tag #2 with a mature Tom. Good luck everyone the rest of the Spring season.💥🦃

Youth hunt

Russ McDonald:
All my mentor hunts.   Dad and son double up. First time turkey hunter gets 2 in one shot a jake and the nice tom.   My mentor trainee gets 2 birds all opening weekend.   Following weekend another first time turkey hunter gets his first bird.   I also got one 2 dsy of opener got total of 8 birds between 6 people.  My success is based upon who I helped get birds mine is just a bonus.   

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Sons turkey ,not a giant by any means.
He still has some time to work on turkey #2.


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