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e-bike on state land survey

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Seems as clear as the fishing regulations.  :chuckle:

Back to intent, seems that most who oppose ebikes just want to keep lazy people out of their hunting spots. 

Gates used to be open... they didn't close them to make people less lazy; they closed them to reduce damage to property, reduce dumping, and perhaps reduce impacts to wildlife (but we know this was really a tertiary objective).  If people had respected property, gates would still be open.

IMO - Ebikes do not significantly impact my ability to dump an old TV in the woods and shoot it, and I'm not about to drop through a clearcut and rut up the road.  They're not loud, they do probably less damage than horses.

If your only reason for disliking them is that you want to keep lazy people out of a hunting spot... that seems like a new intention to me that has not been a previous rationale.  The idea of hunting "fairness" seems to be a new one that is a biproduct of the previous closures.


#ebikes4lyfe lol

WDFW Commissioner's meeting happening right now and they're just now starting on the topic of e bikes on WDFW and DNR lands.

You can watch it on Zoom.

Well isn't that weird. You mean wdfw didn't inform anyone of this meeting in advance?


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