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SD card Stealing Dirtbags!

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Cables won't stop the dirtbags, you need those heavy steel boxes and multiple 9/16'' min lag bolts to a tree.  They suck to pack in but they have to cut the tree down to steal your crap, and hopefully it takes them so long you catch them in the process!!!

I could lag bolt them through the metal I welded on there .
It's like 3/8 I think.
The cables are for all the ones that don't have boxes.
I try to put them higher up with tree stand steps.
But it's a task getting me to climb a tree.
Most of my cams are just out of reach if your 6ft tall and reaching up. With a cable now.

You guys think its ok to drive lag bolts into trees that you don't own?


--- Quote from: Twispriver on May 05, 2022, 01:10:34 PM ---You guys think its ok to drive lag bolts into trees that you don't own?

--- End quote ---
yup, I donít leave them in the tree, and Iím in the wilderness, those trees arenít being processed.

I stopped using lock/bear boxes, they don't deter, they're more work and heavy.  I've had 4 cut from the back with a battery Sawzall most likely, probably didn't even take the dirtbags 60 seconds.  I now put cams about 12 up in the trees, no problems period.  Not one person has even looked up at them when they walk by, only have had 1 bear make eye contact with one, and he let it be.


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