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I'm Extremely fortunate

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As I sit here hacking my lungs out with the Rona or Ebola, I know that many are struggling. I've been so very fortunate to be more than staying above water; my wife and I are thriving. I have received all 5-Star reviews from my borrowers and a great many referrals for new business. For one HuntWA family, I've done two refis and a purchase. Thanks to all of you on HuntWA for helping me in my success. I appreciate you so much! Here are a couple of the reviews I've had:

"John is a knowledgeable and courteous mortgage expert, and I learned a lot from exploring mortgage refinance options with him.  Whether you are a new or old hand at home finance, I'd encourage you to call John today!" - Mark S.

"I contacted John about the likelihood of saving some money with a re-fiÖ He recommended it, so we told him to pursue it. He rolled straight thru from start to finish, handled everything, found the best possible scenario, and saved us 60 grand! If you donít need it, John will tell you so. Great guy. Can be trusted!" - Steve T.

"I canít say enough about how John helped us with purchasing our grandmotherís house. Grandma passed away early this year and the house was part of her estate. Decades of family memories in Grandmaís house had to stay with us.  John worked with us through more obstacles than you can imagine.  He not only professionally kept us moving through very hard personal times, but he showed compassion for our struggles like a member of our family.    Even with all of that, we were able to close on time, thirteen days after approval. Thank you, John! You went above and beyond helping us accomplish the dream of keeping Grandmaís house in the family and you have truly become like family to us!"
I want to give you all the same experience. I'll work hard to make your end as easy as possible. If you need a mortgage in OR or WA, let me take care of you and your family." - Heather G.

I will work hard to take care of you guys and gals. Please think of me the next time you or someone you know needs a solid mortgage professional who listens to his clients.

Congrats and best of luck moving forward.

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Angry Perch:
It amazing to see how well you've done for yourself. To jump into a new career has got to be scary as hell, but you obviously found your place. Congratulations to you and your wife!
I know you'd thought about opening a bar/ restaurant. With the timing of the Rona, that could have been catastrophic.

Knocker of rocks:
Happy for you


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