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Four Recent A. Cole Knives, Two Available

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A. Cole:
Four recent knives out of the shop. I'm really pleased with all of them.

First off, a 9in. Kynifelish in flat ground, hand rubbed AEB-L and Dymalux. $230 with free shipping + $15 for tek-lok or ulti-clip if you want to pocket or belt carry. Do you see those perfect 15 degree sharpening bevels? I was thinking about the feedback I got from the thread on kitchen knives and made a sharpening jig for the grinder. I even got to use a little trig, which was a first. This is one of the first knives that I've been able to sharpen to a consistent, known angle and I'm a little excited about it! It is a pretty thin and slicey knife with distal taper (cross section thins from ricasso to tip) and 3/32in at the at the ricasso (right behind the plunge cuts).

A. Cole:
Sold Kynifel in D2 and Dymalux. This one was custom designed for/with a buddy.

A. Cole:
This is a reserved paring in AEB-L and some really nice oil finished Maple Burl. I'm thinking about making these kydex covers for all the chef knives this summer. They enable you to put a knife in a drawer and are washable by hand.

A. Cole:
And finally a light utility in flat ground and live etched 1/16in D2. I think the handle is curly Oak, some really cool figure. Oil finished. $200 with free shipping.

A. Cole:
Leather sheath. Ok, I'll stop posting photos now. :rolleyes:


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