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Saying goodbye is hard. Idabooner

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I lost my Dad tonight.  Iím still processing.  He was a member on here for over 15 years and as much as he didnít want any announcements, services etc, he was a big part of the beginning of this site so Iíd thought Iíd tell the fellas.  Iíll try to honor him more later when I can think.  I knew this day was ahead of me.  I wasnít looking forward to it.

March 19th 1935 to May 13th 2022. 
Imagine the changes he had seen.

Iím sorry for your families loss.

Be at peace brother, heís in a better placeÖ.

Boss .300 winmag:
Condolences for your familyís loss bone.

Sorry to hear.


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