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Registered/Started Black Lab Puppies - Available June 25

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Both Male and Female puppies available!

Black - 2 different litters - Same sire

We had two litters two days apart, so I'm going to release them on the same weekend, June 25, 2022 (with exceptions for buyer convenience.) I'm making a job out of starting these puppies. So I want them under my tutelage until then!

By that point the puppies will have had the following:

Dew Claws Removed
Early Neurological Stimulation Therapy (ENS - See video on website)
Shot 1 - Spectra 5 vaccines
Shot 2 - Spectra 9 vaccines
Shot 3 - Spectra 9 vaccines
Pyrantel Pamoate worm treatment - x4
Puppy Training - Food Dish (See videos on website)
Puppy Training - Door/Gate (See videos on website)
Puppy training - Jumping up (See videos on website)
Exposure to sit, leash, heel, fetch, feathers, antlers, loud noises, machinery, vehicles, kids, and strangers.


Sire Milo - Black - AKC Registered, OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal, DNA tested.

Dam Bella - Black - AKC Registered, OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, Several proven litters.

Dam Leia - Yellow - (Bella's pup) AKC Registered, will be 2yo after this litter (her first) leaves, and will get her OFA certs at that time.

Pics and videos on the site, on the facebook page linked from the site, and that I post below will include two chocolate puppies, they are both reserved. Male and female Black puppies available.

Males - $800 obo / Trades Considered

Females - $1000 obo / Trades Considered

Will post pics / videos as the June 25th date approaches!


We picked up a lab pup from Rainshadow/Steve a couple months ago.   He's about 3.5 months old now, I think.

He is without a doubt the smartest, kindest, quickest learning pup in the history of pups.

I simply can't say enough good about Steve's pups.

This is actually the 2nd pup we've taken home from Steve.  The first was a pup he donated to a charity auction.   Keeping that pup overnight was enough to convince my wife and I that we actually did want another dog (we were pretty sure we were done.)

You can see the love and care he puts into rearing amazing pups.

If you are wondering about the breeder, he has my 100% confidence.

Again, 100% unsolicited.
I just know that not all dog breeders are the same, and these pups get the best possible care, attention and training.

Thanks Dan, the feedback I'm getting from new owners is really something else. It's working. They're learning from DAY ONE that they're supposed to look to Master first, before going after what they want. WEEKS before they get to their new home! It's engrained. Then you don't have to break the self-centeredness in order to start... they're already started. It's working awesome!


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