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Registered/Started Black Lab Puppies - Available June 25

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Will be posting individual pics and videos for the remaining pups this week. Lots of inquiries, several "I'm going to tomorrow..." but I still have 6 left. No holds without deposits!

Wanted to make note than I'll be going to Auburn again midday on the 21st, and my son, David (pens, letter openers, cleavers, etc...) will be continuing on to the North Olympic Peninsula and delivering at least one Pup for me there. So we have the ability to meet closer if you need!



Red/Green is Reserved!


This girl separated herself from the pack when she saw the big dogs fetching in the poolů physically and in standing! After this video, she went back in several times and even did a pretty complete water retrieve!

She has about 3 suitors who claim to be interested, but she and 4 others are still available! (13 weeks.)

All of them have the potential to love water, none of them fear it, and all of them revel in it when I give them a cool bath in this heat... but this one pretty much introduced herself!

The key to introducing a pup to water is to keep it happy and exciting. No forcing, no fear. Once they do it, they're hooked! (If you force and introduce fear, then you've set yourself back from hours to months, depending on the trauma level for theat particular puppy.)

Beautiful pups!!!


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