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Registered/Started Black Lab Puppies - Available June 25

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Been spending the afternoons with the big dogs, still in group training, but learning so much in the big yard! Pecking order, stairs, adventuring, playing with toys, sprinklers/wading pool/big pool, etc. (Brown Boy even tore off after a hapless dove who inexplicable landed in the dog yard!)

Theyíre loving it, after three days of it theyíre anxious to go, and pleading to go back!

Little girl (available), Red/Green (reserved), Brown Boy (available), and Leiaís Boy (available) have shown the most confidence in the big pool.

Iím doing an Auburn (from Selah) run Thursday, if anyone on that side wants to go ahead and pull the trigger on one of the 5 that remain. (Iíve already got two going on that ride!)

Then Iím taking a fishing trip to Canada to stand in a friendís wedding, so the pups will be babysat by some of my kids.

When I get back in August, Iíll start in on individual training. Theyíll advance fast, as all the reports Iím getting on these pups are all coming from really, really happy and excited new owners! The conditioning is paying off! Theyíre listening!
     My only concern about one on one training the remaining pups is them bonding with me - something Iíve been intentionally avoiding. They can forget, and re-bond with a new owner, thatís done all the time with doggie boarding schools, but itís one more thing that I think isnít ideal. You taking your own dog from the litter and training it yourself is (imho) by far the best long-term scenario.

The price will negotiate - up - as I transition these babies to one on one training.

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Heading from Selah bright and early, thru Spokane late Saturday morning, then up the panhandleÖ.

I can meet along the way!

Back from Vacation... found the river-fly-eating Cutts in Central Alberta... during the last three hours of our time up high!  :bash: (If anyone wants to escape the heat and feed Canadian mosquitoes, I can steer you to the fly fishing!)

Anyway, I've made a series of "Introductory Leash Training" videos, and 5 of them are specific to the pups still available, so I'll post them here.

16 weeks now, price is still 800m/1000f, negotiable/trades, but generally goes up $100 per week that they are trained daily (starting this week.)

They're socializing, and conditioning beautifully, and individual training has started!

Turquois Collar - Smaller Female.

Happy, sweet, loving, and pretty fearless! Loves the water!

Pink Collar - Larger female

Gentle, sweet, calm, smart...will need a gentle hand, but will REALLY thrive if she gets that!

Black Collar - Leia's boy

Great trainability and intensity - Really good attitude!

Blue Collar - Bella's Boy

Very sharp, excellent potential, attentive, he's a good one!

Red Collar - Bella's Boy

Leader of the pack, listens, needs strong leadership, but the sky is the limit if he gets it. Super intelligence!

These babies are available right now, there is no "end date" on their conditioning, it's just lifestyle that YOU pick up from here.

I honestly believe earlier is better, because I think there's tremendous power in the bonding, and the longer I train, the more they'll have to break with me, and bond with you.

But if you can't train yourself for some reason, they will get sharper and sharper, so it's a trade off! After manners and obedience are firmly established, I'll be incorporating retriever field/test training into the mix as a natual advancement/transition.

I'll take deposits to hold, and charge for train/board as mentioned above.

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Got it, sent a textÖ


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