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Registered/Started Black Lab Puppies - Available June 25

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Bella's Puppies are doing great with food dish training, and looking for eye contact to get permission.

Leia's Puppies are doing great with gate training, and the food dish manners  are getting established.

We will be switching the litters between puppy areas this week to focus on the other discipline, and to expose them to different environmental situations. This scenario is going to be great for their exposure conditioning, and ability to mentally and emotionally adjust to different situations. (I will be incorporating these kinds of adjustments into future litters as well... as a graduated continuation of ENS... It's like puppy graduate school!)

Accepting Deposits!

Please feel free to message!

(Apologies on the missing phone number in my contact posts, the scammers and spammers are getting apocalyptic lately!)

I'm trying to improve all dog ownership here...
I am really investing time into my puppy whelping routine, and I am getting some REALLY encouraging feedback from new owners!
Most puppies are just caged and cared for. What Iím using to learn and develop a disciplined routine is this theory:
"Puppies understand, and will listen, from 3-4 weeks of age."
That means, from 3-4 weeks, until 8-10 weeks when they go home with you, pups are usually establishing feral and self centered habit patterns, which you then have to invest time and frustration (and slippers and whatever else) into breaking.
Four to Six Weeks of understanding, but with no structure and discipline! No wonder people fear the ďCrazy PuppyĒ phase.
Iím learning (and experimenting and developing) methods and techniques and structures to engage EXTREMELY young pups in controlled and focused behaviorÖ And itís working!
Iím documenting it as I go on my new website,
Take a look! It's new, and Iím adding to it all the time, as Iím applying and testing new challenges for these pups.
Imagine, 10 - six week old puppies, as I throw their gate open, coming up to the thresholdÖ.. and sitting down and looking up at master for directions.
Ok donít imagine itÖ go look at the video!
Coming soon: TWENTY pups doing the same thing. (Seriously, I'm going to do it!)
And, because they haven't been allowed to raise themselves, they go to their new homes calm and ready to listen.
Itís working! Iím really excited about where this is going to go!

Milo and Bella's pedigrees probably have these numbers on them now, but I haven't ordered new ones...

Milo's data...
Medical Screens
DNA Number:   AKC DNA #V10031064
OFA Number:   OFA33E OFEL33
OFEL Number:   OFEL33

Bella's data...
Medical Screens
OFA Number:   OFA63G OFEL63
OFEL Number:   OFEL63

Leia and Lily will do OFA's later this Summer. Will probably do DNA on the 3 girls too, mostly just to support AKC, which seems to be languishing a little, and I think it's worthy of supporting.

I'll post more puppy pics too, I know I like looking at them!


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