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Registered/Started Black Lab Puppies - Available June 25

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Turquois Collar Girl reserved!

Black collar boy is lying down on command! (Other three are as well, but with reminders and repetition. Black collar boy is doing it hands free while on the leash!)

They have gate respect, they know they’re supposed to keep all fours on the floor, they wait for food release, they’re comfortable with water (most of them swimming), they know “back (up/away)”, they’ve all got “sit” “come” “heel” 100% locked down, and black collar is the first finisher on “(lie) down!”

Three boys, and one girl available! 16weeks.

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My Rainshadiw lab is now about 6 months old I think. 

My only fear is that he might be smarter than me.
He is one wicked smart pup, and a very fast learner.


--- Quote from: rainshadow1 on August 11, 2022, 11:47:43 AM ---These 4 pups are still available. 17weeks. Started. Beginning some field related play.
Been out for a combat fetching session… not really to train anything, just to observe these 4 during their first exposure to the retrieve.
They watched their mom/grandma do a few, but when they were let out with her, she would back off and not perform. Bella does NOT compete!
Then we went out and just played… with communication. Got some consistent results. These results can give some great insights into these pups’ individual personality and training style:
Blue Collar Boy: Consistently finished the fetch. Don’t know if he “got it” for sure (I did praise the beans out of him every time) but he delivered all but one time. And I only picked up the pool attempt that they didn’t see, so only two he didn’t get, he finished the rest. He was combat fetching, and enjoying the competition, but it did seem like he understood what the game was!
Black Collar Boy: When they’d all rush out and attack the fetching dummy, I’d let them get it, and start moving with it, then I’d vocalize for their attention. Black collar boy would immediately break off the fight and come to heel. (I’d praise him for “come”ing to my call while the rest continued the combat fetch.) Absolutely the best ‘recall’ of the bunch, without question! Was definitely interested in the fetch, but he heard my voice and broke off.
Red Collar Boy: Happy and aggressive in the combat fetching. Made one of the retrieves. Recalled with black collar once. Loved the play session. Didn’t do any one thing consistently, but did everything at least once! None of the others did everything like he did.
Pink Collar Girl: Typically subordinated, but loved the play time. Got to the bird first or second every time, but then she’d let it go. Team-fetched with Blue once. Looked like she was going to finish a fetch once but one of her brothers took it away at the last minute. Very likely going to be like her grandma Bella, who is a great performer but refuses to compete.

--- End quote ---

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Red Collar Boy is Home with a new Family!

Blue collar available.. he owned the combat fetching, hands down.

Black Collar available, he's usually the first to catch on to a new discipline.

Pink Collar Girl available, Sweet and gentle, happy and mild. Everybody who meets her falls in love with her!


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