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Registered/Started Black Lab Puppies - Available June 25

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Took the three remaining kids out for a normal one on one session this morning, Sit in the pen, come, sit outside the pen, heel, sit, heel, sit, lie down, kennel (in crate), sit (in crate), play or fetch with toy, sit, heel, sit, lie down, sit, hold the sit while I walked away, long distance come, sit, hold the sit until I go into the play yard, call them into the play yard….

Slightly shorter version of the normal morning routine, only this time…


They all did great! Very little correction!

Someone need to hurry up and grab these pups before I give into the wife and kids.

Drock, if you need a duck dog, I got "One of Those" who is going to be known among his owner's peers! .....

Black Collar Boy has gone to his new home now too!

Sweetheart pink collar girl found another fan, mamma was in love with her, but daddy wanted black collar boy so she is still available.

Blue Collar Boy was fetching to heel and delivering to hand - - off leash - - this morning! He’s still available and I hope to get some video of fetch training with him before one of you guys snaps him up!

Blue Collar Boy doing a little off-leash play…

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Demonstration of Pink Collar Girl….

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