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Just found out that WDFW is having a vote on Main Columbia River. Having the commercial gillnetters back on the water. CCA has a document that I donít know how to post to prohibit Of course they are

WDFW is set to undermine gillnet reforms and the legislatively approved $14.4M buyback, by approving the first spring Chinook gillnet fishery since 2016.

At 2PM tomorrow (Wednesday, May 18), the Columbia River Compact will meet to discuss the possibility of approving a small mesh gillnet fishery for spring Chinook Ė the first since 2016.

Please take just a moment to send a pre-drafted email to WDFW Director Kelly Susewind letting him know you oppose this irresponsible decision. Then forward this email to all your friends and ask them to take action as well

It's posted over on Ifish. I already replied!

Outstanding thank you for the update

Great news thanks for the update.

Why should we oppose this? What are the arguments for and against?


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