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Deer Birthing 👽(CLICK BAIT)

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Now I'm sure many may have an explanation.
But it sure looks like a an alien.
Anyway I checked one trail cam yesterday that I put out 1st of April,16 GB card was full.
I have to go back at sometime for battery change,and set some delay . I didn't expect it to be so active in that spot.
I didn't see any fawns on cam yet.

That doe was bred Nov 10th last year (around). Pretty cool.


--- Quote from: Longfield1 on May 27, 2022, 07:11:22 AM ---That doe was bred Nov 10th last year (around). Pretty cool.

--- End quote ---

Does she look like she is ready to POP.
Your probably right , I really don't know.

I saw a doe licking off a wobbly legged fawn next to the freeway in Bellingham yesterday. I think I just missed the event.

I saw a Blacktail doe with brand new twins on the side of I-5 just north of the Stilly yesterday. Those fawns had to be only a couple day's old if that, they were tiny. On the way home I noticed her bedded on the hillside.


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