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Drew Chiwawa late tag

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I was selected for that Chiwawa late permit after putting in for it, off and on, for the past 20 years. Now the "November Dreamin' takes on a whole new meaning! No re-inventing the wheel. I know Xactly where to go and when.

I'm thinking I'll hunt the entire season. All twenty days. Might poke around during the high hunt for a ridge runner but will hunt for bruin in October.

Damn glad I pulled those 4 camera units 3 weeks ago and reviewed the 1000+ video images from last fall/winter. Hopefully old man winter, the cats and other predators didn't get them all last year.

It just takes the ONE!

Thatís awesome! Good for you, I canít wait to see how this ends!

That's awesome! You definitely know where to go. Can't wait to see what you get.

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Fantastic Mike congratulations! Looking forward to following this one.

The scout:
Congratulations, thatís one of the few tags left that are worth waiting for in Washington


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