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buck fever

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I always have buck fever....
Sometimes bear fever..
 :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle:

I put an epic stalk on a pretty average 4x4 several years ago during a late archery hunt. Got to within 120, dropped down to my long johns and socks to be extra quiet, proceeded to get within 40 yards. As I went to draw I punched my release 1/4 of the way into my draw. The arrow went about 10 yards. The buck who was facing away from me bedded heard this and was long gone before I could pull another arrow out of my quiver. It sucks to suck!

I’ve probably told this story before but it’s a classic incident of buck fever if there ever was one. It’s a story my dad loved to tell, even after my mom passed away he said “ she’s probably telling me to shut up about it”.

Mom and dad had just been married a couple years. Grandpa had killed his buck and “his tree was open”, it’s the place I’ve told multiple stories of, smack dab in the middle of one of the best migration corridors in the valley, 4 or 5 routes converge about 5 miles to the north and become one, they will stage here and there and move as the weather and Mother Nature dictate. Back then the seasons went into November and usually migrations were in full tilt during the last week of the season. “The tree” was where they will move through when it was time, a thick jack pine jungle, the tree sits in the only opening for miles in the bottom of a draw, when sitting at its base you maybe have a 40-60 yard sight line all the way around you. You get in there before the season opener, cut branches and build a blind around the tree. When the season opens you get in there 2-3 hours before shooting time, put all the branches and limbs around you and take a nap. There are 2 trails that split about 50 yards down draw and come up on each side of the tree, there are times I’ve seen hundreds move through on each side, seen herds move through that were nothing but does and yearlings then 2 or three days later another hundred or so with 40-50 bucks of all sizes mixed in.

Mom and dad followed protocol, got in there a couple hours before shooting time and hunkered down. Dad said about 10 minutes before shooting time they could hear deer coming up the draw and through the jack pines, dad said you could hear antlers hitting limbs, it was perfect timing, dad told mom to be ready. It was shooting time and dozens of deer were going by on each side of them, 40-60 yards out, bucks, does fawns. Dad told mom to hold tight, there were more coming. Dad said probably 80 -100 deer had moved through when some bigger bucks started showing up. One was a dandy, dad told mom “that’s the one”, she already had her 30-30 ready to go and pointed out the blind, she let her rip! Ejected 5 shells without fireing a shot, the buck looked at the fiasco and trotted off. Mom asked dad, “did I hit it?” Dad said “nope, you missed him”😆😆

That's a classic!  :chuckle:Thanks for sharing !

 :yeah: Thanks for sharing Bigmacc


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