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Anyone else get one of these via email recently? Didn't see it mentioned. Maybe they do them all the time?

It seemed like a decently written survey, but kind of slanted. Lots of questions about importance of habitat/hunter numbers, etc. I don't think I saw the word "predator" once. Every time there was a comment section I made sure to focus on predators.

Special T:
Habitat is the catch all PC solution to everything. It also happens to be the most expensive

No info on the WDFW site, count yourself very special!!!

I remember them mentioning in a commission meeting that there were 2 surveys they were collecting. The general population survey finished first and they were waiting on the hunter survey still. Maybe you got lucky and are being surveyed, but Lorna Smith and Melanie Rowland are pushing hard saying who cares about the hunter results because the general population says "sAvE tHe BeArS!". Maybe this is something different but good call mentioning predators.

Yes keep it up. Because Melanie and Lorna also said they were going to shoot themselves in the head if they had to listen to the hunters and discuss spring bear season again. Letís keep the discussion going! Along that same line should we really have people on the commission who are threatening violence against themselves if they are forced to do their jobs? They said this on the zoom meeting and itís recorded. About the most unprofessional thing Iíve ever heard. They should be kicked off the commission for promoting suicide along with obviously being 100% against all hunting


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