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New WDFW Survey

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Well do cha know thatís what Washington has turned into, appointees by the GOV that are unqualified crybabies in WDFG decision making positions. Yep, they know best donít they?

I sent the survey to my daughter who has Masters in Data analytics and according to her the survey is written to achieve there agenda.  raise fees, limited hunting opportunity and ban lead ammo. Oh and forget spotlighting any predator. 


--- Quote from: HillHound on June 24, 2022, 03:26:16 PM ---Yes keep it up. Because Melanie and Lorna also said they were going to shoot themselves in the head if they had to listen to the hunters and discuss spring bear season again. Letís keep the discussion going! Along that same line should we really have people on the commission who are threatening violence against themselves if they are forced to do their jobs? They said this on the zoom meeting and itís recorded. About the most unprofessional thing Iíve ever heard. They should be kicked off the commission for promoting suicide along with obviously being 100% against all hunting

--- End quote ---
I agree with ya 100%
Also another note .....
A lot of these anti-hunters and a few Commission members thought the one vote was it.
So stupid that they didn't realize that permit numbers and some special hunts are voted on a yearly basis.
Not sure why they had a comment period ,when the Commission is just gonna dodge the subject till fall hunting seasons again.

Careful how ya fill it out but it can definitely be done to slam wdfw..
Everytime you select dissatisfied with their management a little type your reply box pops up... definitely an opportunity to lay into them..
Doubt it will do any good... pretty much sealed my fate for future draws.


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