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My 12yr old has been watching alot of bass fishing on YouTube and is hounding me to go bass fishing. I've never been bass fishing and  I don't have a boat so that limits me where I can go. Is there any decent lakes on the Westside that I can take my kid and fish from shore? If there's better places on the eastside I could make a weekend out of it.

From the Harbor? Vance creek ponds

Yes there are decent lakes on the west side. Yes there tend to be better places on the eastside. The majority of all lakes and ponds in WA hold bass.  Some of the bigger and better bass fishing lakes get pounded by bass fishing tournaments all year.

I haven't fished Vance Creek ponds, but it looks promising via google maps. I'd definitely try there.  If you get skunked one day, don't give up. Go back another day.  Some days they just don't want to bite anything, and other days they will smash anything that moves in the water.

Russ McDonald:
Lake Waahington, Lake Tapps and Lake Sammish to name some of the more popular lakes.

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Thanks guys! Yeah from the harbor. Didn't realize Vance creek had bass, was just by there today lol


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