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--- Quote from: bassquatch on July 17, 2022, 06:36:48 PM ---I started tournament fishing again this year and I really tried to break down the entire process for people that are interested. There's also some great videos on converting a cooler to a functional livewell out there.

Very easy to get started, but there are some requirements and rules you'll not want to overlook! He sounds like he's pretty amped about it, that's awesome 👍💯

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He is bigtime, we went out to a couple local ponds and no luck. He still had a blast though. Tried some top water frogs and other bigger frogs came after it and he loved it 😂 once I get a boat it will be easier

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Love to hear these stories.  Is he into practicing casting, flippin or pitchin?  I use to spend hours around the yard flippin under trees and bushes.  Even got out moms glass bowls to flip into without making a noise.  These skills never failed me.  Keep it up Dad!

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Thanks! Not yet but that's a great idea! I'll have to show him. Everything's else has kind of taken a back burner at the moment he made the local travel ball team for 13u and he's focused on that.


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