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Duck Lake at Ocean Shores used to be pretty popular. 


--- Quote from: Cylvertip on June 25, 2022, 09:13:48 PM ---Duck Lake at Ocean Shores used to be pretty popular.

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I was gonna say Duck lake too.  Back in the day it was great bass fishing.  There is many access points on the bridges that go over the sloughs and around the boat lauch.
Very unique lake.

I thought about duck lake but i figured most of the access would be private there

Just remembered the ponds near the lower Satsop off Keys road. Bass were in there at one time.

Start saving for any small vessel that floats well cause if the bug bites him there's no getting him back  :chuckle:

Loomis Lake is good out that way, there's also some little ponds in the Long Beach area we fished years ago. Your biggest issue will be bank access, as you stated, just gotta make it work. I busted a lot of brush in my youth and did a lot of casting from my knees to clear branches ect. It can be done, repetitive casting from shore is a long game, the sound of the bait hitting the water repetitively could eventually attract bass, so don't just make a few casts and bail. Fan cast what you have access to for at least an hour or two and try a couple different baits.  :tup:


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