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--- Quote from: bbarnes on June 28, 2022, 01:16:12 PM ---Iím trying to figure out why everybodyís hide behind a fake name what is that anybody have an intelligent conversation about any of the issues that have to do with with hunters or advantage or disadvantage disabled or non-disabled horseback ride or non-horseback ride or archery hunt or modern firearm and Muzzle Loader Hunter this is what tears everybody apart I think this whole website is full of DNR employees and state fish and wildlife employees that love to stir *censored* up and love to keep us out of our public lands the whole topics just disgust me as a taxpayer and as a citizen and as a person that stands for freedom all I see is people trying to take other peoples freedoms away on this website

--- End quote ---
Slow down a bit, you might know what you are trying to say, but without any punctuation it's really hard to figure out what you mean. It really is a job to decipher it.   


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