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Weíll havenít seen anyone post that they got drawn?  :dunno:
I know two of the 9 tag holders.

Slide Ridge got torched last year. Was nearby last weekend and glassed over into the unit... would love to hear from some of the tag holders and what their plans are. There is grass growing through the ash in some of the surrounding areas, so will probably still hold some value in the fall. There are still some okay areas relatively unburned.

Wish I could say it was me, but no luck for me.

25 mile was a good sized burn but it didnít burn the whole unit by any means. Good luck to those that drew, this a pretty awesome tag in my book no matter the weapon or burn last year. Bummer that there are wolves in there now but should still be a great hunt.

Soon Cougfan itíll happen  the other 2 guys out of 9 is my Son and I Iíll be up from Oct 7 through Nov 20th

--- Quote from: cougfan79 on June 29, 2022, 01:53:49 PM ---Wish I could say it was me, but no luck for me.

--- End quote ---


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