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Pittman-Robertson Act in Crosshairs of Repeal

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Just saw this today


Jake Dogfish:
“HR 8167, while just introduced on June 22, 2022, already has 53 co-sponsors (all Republican).”
Partisans attacking our fishing and hunting.  :bash:


Gun ownership and expression of 2A rights survived just fine for decades with PR excise, which has been a boon for conservation. It's the more recent threats to gun rights that need the focus.

Special T:
I think this is wrong but Im gonna play devils advocate because some one needs to. Fact. we generate a huge sum a money. Fact, Anti hunting groups have been able to tap into this huge sum to fight conservation in the name  of conservation. Wolves, cougars, grizzlies dont need protection. fact is we are funding our enemies and that is in part because the democrat party has allowed those funds to be used against sportsmen's interests.

The problem as I see it has to do with the fact that the ESA allows Sue and Settle techniques that give advantage to anti hunting groups and give an unfair advantage against sportsmen. I understand why we should oppose taking away our funding because it gives us a superior voice... question is how do we solve the problem that Antis are using our $ against us.


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