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Pre spawn is on!

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Water was warmed up to 71 today and fish are moving up into the shallows, my boys wife and myself had a absolute blast with just bobber and worm today, 23 crappie, 13 bluegill and a few bonus fish


Some may gripe about taking pre spawn fish, but I assure you harts lake is FULL of stunted fish. Late season is when I usually take a big harvest, but the boys were having so much fun I let them keep a bunch today, will be a fine fish fry tomorrow for lunch. Little over 8 lbs of beautiful cleaned fish, some cleaned whole a bunch fillet and I kept the roe to fry up as well

Jake Dogfish:
Well done!  :drool: :tup:

Sounds like a great family day.....     :tup:

outstanding!!! Fish fry  :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

Going to have some fresh fish sandwich here in just a minute  :tup:


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