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Weyerhaeuser plot near stevens pass

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--- Quote from: Cylvertip on July 15, 2022, 08:54:02 AM ---If it's in Snohomish County, SCOPI will have the most accurate info on who owned it.  King county probably has something similar.

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I'll look into that thank you

There are still parcels of Weyerhaeuser property in the upper Skykomish area. Weyerhaeuser does not actively manage these parcels like they do with their "tree farms". They have been slowly selling these parcels through a Coldwell Banker agency in Bellevue, the agent's name is Scott McDonald.

I purchased a section from Weyerhaeuser through Scott a couple of years ago. Weyerhaeuser doesn't always have something on the market; it all depends on their current marketing strategy.

These parcels are generally surrounded by US Forest Service land, and are unposted. I would not hesitate hunting these parcels for one minute.

Like that was said there are leased property w/o the some posted. There are a few bear around but good luck finding a doe let alone a buck. You probably won't see many hunters there as the locals go elsewhere.

In regards to the Hampton properties that were sold- those were their lands east of the Cascades. They were sold to Chinook Forest Partners. Sadly CFP is not allowing any sort of recreational access to those properties moving forward due to risk of fire liability and thatís not just during fire season. Itís a year round deal.

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