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Cooking fresh dungy crab

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Iím just wondering what everyone else does and maybe I can do betterÖ.
I use puget sound salt.
Put crab in boiling water. And wait for water to start boiling again ( takes 7-10 min) and do any other 10 minutes. What do you do?

Basically the same, plus adding a glug of red wine or cider vinegar to the water. And I clean the crab before cooking.

I used to boil whole crab in water and changed it up this year.
Iím glad I did because is is easier, faster and tastes better.

Here is what I did.
cut 3Ē out of my turkey fryer strainer.
Added some stainless 1/4 bolts 4 inches long to the bottom of the strainer using nuts and washers.
Spit and clean live crab
Add 2-1/2 inches or so of water to the turkey fryer wait until it starts to steam
Add crab
Cook 7-8 minutes
Dump crab in cold water

I had some friends over today crabbing that were in a hurry and I said it would take about 30 minutes.
I timed it start to finish and it took 20 minutes for everything other than hosing off my deck.
It was a 6 crab cook.
The only thing I can think of to make it better would be sea water but I ainít hauling a bucket of sea water up my hill.

Pretty much the same. Clean before, dump halves into boiling sea water, 15 minutes, then cool quickly.

I really think the sea water is key. Takes the guesswork out of the salt.

The scout:
Sea water, maybe old bay if you like it. We never clean our crab before we cook them.Way more flavor in the crab meat that way IMHOP


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