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Salmon Rig Braid to Leader - Swivel or Knot?

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So I'm running 50# braid on my salmon reels and use downriggers. When connecting your braid to your leader to the dodger, would you trust a swivel over a line-to-line knot? I'm thinking:

Swivel pro's: an extra bearing to help with line twist, trust my knots to swivels.
Swivel con's: slamming it into your tip top, can make it harder to swing fish close to the boat to net

Knot pro's and con's: basically the opposites of the above.

Bonus topic: how important are breakaway rigs to you? An absolute must or meh?

Look up FG or FNG knot on youtube. As the name suggests, its good for braid to mono connections. I use it on my dr rods to attach 65lb braid to a 40lb mono top shot for the clips. The problems with swivels is you can only reel in so far and when you have leaders behind your flashers it can get cumbersome trying to net a fish that is 7-10 feet from your rod tip.

Mfowl beat me to it. FG knot is the way to go.

If I use a flasher on my line, I do not put a flasher on if it isn't a breakaway. My favorite breakaway flasher setup is the Simon 360 magnetic setup. I usually just run a dummy flasher on the ball though.

All my rods run braid to a large duolock snap. I can clip in any rigging very easy. All dodgers and flashers already have 18" of 100# mono and a bearing swivel attatched. Add leader and 5' is the farthest my hooks are from the tip of the rod. I used to use those rubber bullet shaped bumpers but realized they were not needed. Setup is very convenient as there is no need to cut line or tie knotd. Everything is pre rigged for easy changing while on the water.

I always use a 20 to 30 foot mono leader because braid doesn't work well in downrigger clips and a little stretch helps keep the line tight.  I use a surgeon's loop in the braid and clinch knot the mono to it.  That way the joint runs through the rod eyes.   


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