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Mackerel recipe

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Got into a lot of mackerel of of Westport this weekend. Kept a few for salmon and crab baits. Anybody eat them, and best way to cook? Plenty of ideas online, but hey, even moon snails have recipes.

I eat them at Sushi bars, unfortunately no idea what else to do with them.  Shrimp seem willing to climb into pots after them.

Crab bait.

Yup, trade them all for crab.

 Years ago me and a buddy were getting into them . Popular opinion was they are no good , but we are never ones to shy away from trying things .
Most times its a picky person that wont eat belly meat off of a Chinook and or care and preparation .

Anyway we took a couple and bled them really well and then into ice . Then did them "Mediterranean" style rubbed with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Then a piss hot grill .

They weren't the BOMB but definately edible . Strong tuna taste . We didnt keep anymore as we had Chinook,Coho, ling, and rockfish piling up .

I dont fish salt much anymore but I would givem a go again if given the chance .


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