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Elliott bay king

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Last Saturday inner bay

I used to love that Elliot fishery when I had my boat at Shilshole
Nice fish, does it have Duwamish dot?

Beautiful fish!

We should have kept trolling north! Put in at redondo, fished all day in that heat, up to the ferry terminal on the island. Caught lots of jacks, lost a few, had two kings that were barely too short. Killed one silver, didnít see any fish caught from other boats!  Congrats on your king, nice fish!  We did catch a crab pot that was floating under water, had a really nice dungee in it that we had to throw back!  :bash:

Nice fish! I was out there Saturday as well. No salmon but I did drag up a poacher line on the dr with a 6 gill shark tangled in it. Was able to cut it free. The shark was pushing 6 feet long and perhaps 80lbs. No good pics, just a quick vid.


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