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Lost browning x-bolt mags

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Probably a long shot but I'm pretty sure I lost two browning x-bolt mags while bear hunting (snohomish county).  We made it back to the rig unloaded guns and I ended up losing 2 mags  :bash. Worse part 6 rounds of 270wsm  :cryriver: :cryriver:

I have the same gun same cartridge and those are proprietary mags. Someone picking those up arent gonna have much use for them. Good luck but I have a feeling Browning is gonna make some money.

Ammo was probably worth more than the mags.

jason stevens:
D rock im in gold bar an I can run an check for ya if you pm me a location.just sayin

I've already ordered 1 new one and checked where I thought they might be at the gate no luck.


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