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Skulpt Skulls - Wood handcrafted euro mounts *discounts for taxidermist

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If you have any elk or deer sheds laying around; singles, match sets, or old capped skulls that you're looking to display in a unique way, these handcrafted wood skulls offer another option that is more fitting for the rustic outdoors in which we find the antlers and go hunting. Skulpt Skulls offers deer, elk, caribou, moose, antelope and half skulls handcrafted from local wood by a local artist.

Check out more photos on our webpage, facebook or instagram and you can also place an order there as well! Send us a message with any questions or custom requests!

**Discounts for taxidermists and bulk ordering**

How much for a moose skull?

Do you pin the sheds or do I?

Website says 399 for elk and 499 for moose.

Those are cool

Thank you, yes moose are 499 and elk are 399. Orders can be placed on the webpage as well


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