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Skulpt Skulls - Wood handcrafted euro mounts *discounts for taxidermist

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Great work

You didn't answer my question about affixing the antlers to the wood skull

Sorry man Iím new to Hunt WA still figuring it all out! Skulls come with the hardware for you to be able to install them yourself. I include a drill bit for your antlers but you will have to drill up into them however the skull comes pre-drilled. Let me know if you have any other questions

I noticed in pics the antlers seem to be larger than the pedicles and over hang....are the pedicles carved one size or can they be ordered bigger for larger antler bases ?

In the future Iíd love to be able to offer a small/medium/large option for all animals but I donít quite have a system for that right now. The base model is a medium size. Larger antlers will affix to the skull just fine but like you mentioned, depending on the size and the differences in pedicles there might be some overlap


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