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Newer Samsung phone found in gmu 618


Looks like this year's model, probably left there recently. It charged briefly but then went black, won't turn on.

Found nowhere near a trail, had to be from someone scouting for hunting.

Let me know if you lost one in that area and where.

On this note, what do you do if you find a lost phone? Can a retailer find the owner if I bring it somewhere? It'd be nice to at least get the sim card back to someone even if the phone is toast.

The person who lost it had to report it lost or stolen. That would cancel their sim card. As for finding the owner it would be near impossible for anyone but the owner or authorized user of owners acct to even gain knowledge of that phone being on that owners acct. I work as a repair tech at tmobile. With it being lost/stolen it should be blacklisted now which means it cannot be used on any network (US networks atleast). Hey if you decide to get rid of it though I can buy it from you for parts atleast. Also if you'd like to check on its status check out and check under the samsung tab and the imei number will be at the bottom of the back side below the Samsung logo.

I wish this post was about a phone found in 466.


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